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Certified Ethical Hacker

Moon International in partnership with EC-Council proudly announces CEH V12 training in Karachi, Pakistan. We are only ATC in Karachi, Pakistan and providing training on official curriculum provided by EC-Council. Training will be conducted by Certified EC-Council Instructor and will prepare students for CEH Examination.

Benefits of Taking CEH V12 Training

The CEH certification isn’t just for penetration testers. This versatile certification is also ideal for IT security and network professionals .If you’re a networking professional, you’ve got the ideal baseline to build your cyber security knowledge with the CEH. The real-world knowledge taught through the CEH will be ideal for you and your team to secure your network against cyber criminals.

Even seasoned IT security professionals will get value from achieving the CEH. If you’ve taken a high-level certification, like (ISC)2’s CISSP, the CEH will build your practical network security knowledge – ideal when combined with the theory and managerial skills built through the CISSP.

Advance your security career

If you’ve already gained a solid grounding in IT and have learnt how networks work within organisations (you may have achieved CompTIA’s A+ and Network+ certifications, for example) – the CEH can provide you with a way to expand your knowledge of IT security.

If you are in this position and want to break into a rewarding role within cyber security, consider achieving the CEH alongside CompTIA’s Security+ certification. The CEH will build your knowledge of the tools and techniques used by hackers, whereas the Security+ will provide you with a foundation of IT security knowledge.

You’ll learn how to use real hacking tools

While you may have actively sought out some hacking tools to build your experience (or to satisfy your curiosity), it’s unlikely you’ve been taught the in-depth knowledge that’s required to use and understand these tools.

However, through the CEH you’ll learn how to use the tools themselves – official ethical hacking courses will typically include access to 140 real-world labs and over 2,200 hacking tools.

Learning how malicious attackers use various tools allows you to better secure your networks, applications, and other assets.

How to get your CEH certification fast

Train with Firebrand on an accelerated ethical hacking course and you’ll get certified in just 5 days. You’ll be training with the best: Firebrand has been named Accredited Training Centre of the Year every year since 2008.