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SharePoint 2010 Developer Training Objectives
•  Understand SharePoint as a development platform
•  Define fields, create content types, and list instances
•  Use new SharePoint templates and projects found in Visual Studio 2010
•  Write managed code that integrates with SharePoint
•  Display webs and lists with a Web Part
•  Create user controls and web parts
•  Use the Client Object Model in JavaScript, Silverlight, and managed code
•  Creating event handlers and custom list forms
•  Customize the appearance of your SharePoint sites using themes, cascading style sheets, and master pages
•  Create sandbox solutions for SharePoint
•  Ensure the security of your SharePoint applications
•  Configure custom navigation and the ribbon
•  Integrate SharePoint with remote databases and services using Business Connectivity Services
•  Create custom workflows using SharePoint Designer and

SharePoint 2010 Developer Training Outline
•  Getting Started
o  SharePoint as a Development Platform
o  Creating a Site
o  Lists and Pages
o  SharePoint Architecture
o  Virtual Paths and Safe Mode

•  Features
o  About Features
o  Deploy Files with Module
o  Define Fields
o  Create Content Types
o  Create List Instances

•  Developing SharePoint Solutions with Visual Studio 2010
o  SharePoint 2010 Project and Item Templates
o  Using the Feature Designer
o  Using the Package Designer and Package Explorer
o  Configuring Deployment and Activation
o  Debugging
o  Importing Web Solution Packages
o Creating SharePoint Master Pages in ASP.NET
o Understanding the v4.Master Page
o Default and Custom Master Page Tokens
o Build Custom Master Pages
o Deploy Custom Master Pages